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We offer multimedia storytelling,  design and development of products.

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Camera Equipment by Studio AFS

Studio AFS stands for new development and implementation of innovative solutions for the film and photo technology sector.

The founder Nils Fischer (product designer), Andreas Albrecht (film producer) and Ken Schroder (business administration) are closely linked in the film and photographic scene from Berlin. So in cooperation with the camera rentals 25p cine support and SEEYOURENT the first ideas for our products have been developed.

As a creative studio, we have already realized projects in the following areas.

Andreas Albrecht

Andreas Albrecht

Founder and Public Relations

Dipl. Cultural Science Andreas realized a variety of formats for film and corporate communication. His documentaryLimited Home was shown in 2009 at the International Film Festivals and on TV. He won two EVA Awards in 2010 in gold and silver in the area of ​​corporate and exhibition events. His clients include Sony, Deutsche Telekom AG, BASF and Siemens.
Nils Fischer

Nils Fischer

Founder & Product Designer

Dipl. Des. Nils Fischer worked as a freelance designer for different companies and design agencies before he became Art-Director in the25p *Media Group. 2012/ 13 he initiated the New York-based Pop-up Studio SAIA together with Sandra Lange. His award-winning works were shown, amongst others, at the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich and while the Artweek in Hamburg.

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